The World of Razor Sharpeners
This site represents the most comprehensive listing of razor sharpeners on the web. It can be researched using the query function found on the home page.
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This is a dynamic database driven website that can be easily updated.

1. Select a query by selecting from the drop down menus or entering a search word. Any combination may be entered. The result will be an "AND" operation of the entries selected.

2. The administration section requires a "password" and is used to add entries to the database.

3. If no criteria is entered, the entire database will be displayed. This is not recommended due to the size of the database.

4. The database contains thousands of entries.

5. Click on the thumbnail to obtain the full details for a particular entry. Click on Continue Viewing Current Query Results or "Home" to Start a New Query. Clicking on "back" will not automatically return to your last selection. This is a security precaution because the selection criteria was entered using a form. Several "Refresh" steps will probably solve the problem, but it is easier to click on the text in the "blue" box to continue viewing the current query.

6. The database allows for up to 4 images per item. In most cases there is only one.

7. Please provide comments by clicking on the contact menu.

8. Add your collection information by clicking on the collectors menu.

9. Thanks to Guenther Janisch, Germany for his work in determining rarity. To be consistent with Guenther, I have initially accepted most of his rarity values. They can be modified based on your input.

10. Rarity Table. Rarity is very subjective and based on other factors (age, interest and availability) than the table below.
    1-numerous, many, plentiful
    2-frequent, common
    3-uncommon, infrequent
    4-occasional, sporadic
    5-scarce, sparse, short supply
    6-difficult to find
    8-very rare
    9-max three known
    10-only one known

11. Values are based on prices paid in the past. They may not be representive of current value. Some values my show as $ 0, which means no value available.

12. The list menu selection lists the entire stropper database. The number next to value is the rarity.